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    Sam Goody

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    (Samuel Gutowitz)
    February 25, 1904 – August 8, 1991

    You know what we don't miss? Music stores.

    What are music stores? Really? How old is our audience? Music stores were shops where you could buy records, tapes, and compact disks. What are records, tapes, and compact disks? Jeez...

    Back in the day, before you could download music, one would actually have to purchase (gasp!) physical media (records, tapes, compact disks) to play on a physical machine (turntable, tape deck, CD player). And that physical media was sold in music stores, usually staffed by long-haired dweeby clerks with nothing better to do than criticize your taste in music... Well, we have no taste in music!

    Which brings us to Sam Goody, the man and the store. The man was born Samuel Gutowitz. The store was opened in 1951 and spread through America's malls soon after. The man actually changed his name to match the store. The stores peaked at 800 before reducing to, as of this writing... two.

    Yes, gone are the days when each mall housed a music store.

    You know what we don't miss? Malls.

    Verdict: Jew.

    November 24, 2023

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