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    B&H Photo Video

    Jew Score:




    Man: "Hey, did you know that B&H Photo Video store in New York City was owned, run, and employed by Orthodox Jews?"

    Woman: "I didn't! Wow, that's pretty neat, actually."

    Man: "Isn't it? I was already into the place because it's probably the best electronics store on Earth, but the fact that it's completely Jewish just makes me like them all the more."

    Woman: "It really is a great store, isn't it? The service there is actually helpful, which, honestly is kinda amazing. It's like, wait, you actually know what you're talking about and you're not gonna treat me like a piece of dirt 'cause you do? Wow."

    Man: "Yeah. I had a problem with a camera I didn't even buy there a few weeks ago, but I went in and they fixed it for me anyway. How does that even happen?"

    Woman: "Hey, the fact that they're Jewish explains why they say in all their radio ads that they're closed on Saturdays. It's for Shabbat!"

    Man: "Oh G-d, those radio ads. Ugh. Just the thought of them makes the blood run from my ears. For all that I love place, those ads make me hate them just as much."

    Woman: "I know, right? Two people just jabbering back and forth at each other inanely? What the heck makes them think that anyone wants to be exposed to something like that?"

    Verdict: Jew.

    March 6, 2012

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