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    Claudia Goldin

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    May 14, 1946 —

    In 2016, in the profile of Elinor Ostrom, we noted that only one woman had won the Nobel in Economics. One! It was first given out in 1969! Ostrom won in 2009, 40 years later! (This is a lot of exclamation points!)

    In 2019, the esteemed Nobel committee decided that enough is enough, and awarded it to a second woman, Esther Duffo. (Note that both Ostrom and Duffo shared their prizes with men, but prize sharing is pretty much the norm with Nobels.) So that's two in 50 years.

    Now, in 2023, there are three female Economics laureates. (We thought of ending that sentence with an exclamation point, but, honestly, it doesn't really deserve it.) Economic historian Claudia Goldin because the first female winner to actually NOT share the prize with a man! (Fine, let's do the exclamation point here.) Goldin won for "understanding of women's labor market outcomes". (A scientific way of saying that women make less money than men.)

    It's not enough, still: if you count the sharing, 93 Economic prizes have been awarded, with only three of them to women... (But two of them were Jewish women. Does that deserve an exclamation point!?)

    Verdict: Jew.

    October 16, 2023

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