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    Saul Wahl

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    (Saul Katzenellenbogen)
    1541 – 1617

    In doing research for this website (believe it or not, we do a lot some research for this website), we often run into stories too unbelievable to be true. Take Saul Wahl, the Jewish King of Poland.

    In 1586, King Stephen Bathory of Poland (also, Grand Duke of Lithuania; can't forget Lithuania!) dropped dead. Stephen had no children, so obviously there was a problem. The two sides, Houses of Zamoyski and Zborowski, couldn't agree on a candidate, but law said they needed... someone. Saul Wahl was that someone. He was elected king and reigned for... one day. (Perhaps a few days? It's not exactly clear.)

    Now, this raises many questions. We understand that the Poles wanted to pick a neutral, but a Jew? Seems kinda unlikely. And historical record don't really support this story; yes, Poland was without a king, but not for a few days: it was a whole eight months! (Perhaps they had multiple kings-for-a-day during the period?)

    So, it's not clear if this story is true or not. Historians do agree that Saul Wahl (real name: Saul Katzenellenbogen) was real. They are just not sure if he was a real king.

    But then, this is not KingOrNotKing.com...

    Verdict: Jew.

    January 6, 2023

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