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    Bahram V

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    406 – 438 CE

    Quick, name a Jewish king! Oh, sure, King David, Saul, or Solomon. Easy answers. But who knows if those guys actually existed, right? Let's stay away from the Bible and deal with real history for this one.

    What about Dhu Nuwas? Didn't we profile this Jewish king of Yemen a few years ago? Well, dang it, we did. Thank you for paying attention. But Mr. Nawas did not stand alone among Jewish kings of Asia. A century before his reign, Bahram V was the King of Sasanian Empire, which stretched across modern-day Iran and beyond.

    No, Bahram V wasn't exactly Jewish. Well, it depends how you define "Jewish", and isn't that we're here for? Like his subjects, he practiced Zoroastrianism, but his mother, the tongue-twistingly named Shushandukht, was, in fact, a Jew.

    Bahram's reign is known as mostly a time of peace (just two small wars!) and prosperity. History regards him in mostly a positive light. His death, however, is shrouded in mystery: some say he disappeared into a cave while chasing a wild ass. Other seem to think he sunk in a swamp, or possibly fell into a hole. Who is to say for sure...

    Larry King? That's just cheating!

    Verdict: Borderline Jew.

    November 28, 2022

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