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    Barry Barish

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    January 27, 1936 —

    Barry Barish, a Jew from Nebraska(!?), and Rainer Weiss, a Jew from Berlin, won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2017, together with the goyishe Kip Thorne (What kind of a name is Kip anyway?) for inventing the LEGO detector. What a fantastic invention it must be!

    Who with children hasn't been subjected to the horror of LEGOs? Oh, sure, they are all fun and games when you're building your favorite Star Wars ship or princess castle, but what happens when a piece inevitably falls on the floor? Oh, the screams of pain as that hard plastic edge cuts into the bottom of your foot! The horror! The horror!

    Now imagine we could actually have a detector that will warn us every time we are about to step on a LEGO. If that's not Nobel-worthy, we don't know what is...

    Oh. Barish, Weiss, and Thorne invented the LIGO detector, not the LEGO detector. (In case you're wondering, it detects cosmic gravitational waves.) That's no fun.

    Verdict: Jew.

    October 10, 2022

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