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    Rachael Leigh Cook

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    October 4, 1979 —

    Who doesn't love high school movies? Your Ferris Buellers, your Breakfast Clubs, your Cluelesses... They are a genre unto themselves.

    But not all high school movies are, what's the word, good. Take "She's All That", which has somehow lived on through two decades to receive a gender-flipped re-imagining on Netflix.

    In "She's All That", if we remember this correctly, the high school jock bets someone that he can turn an ugly girl into someone popular. That sounds about right? The jock is played by Freddie Prinze Jr., a few years passed high school age. The ugly girl is played by Rachael Leigh Cook, who just happens to be 1/8 Jewish. Yes, the same Rachael Leigh Cook pictured on the left here. How do we know she is ugly?

    She wears glasses.

    We are not making this up. The glasses play a major plot point, because as soon as she takes them off — voila! Hot. Glasses? Ugly. No glasses? Hot.

    It's beyond ridiculous, really, especially considering this movie was made in 1999, not 1949. It also did no favors for Cook's career, which was pretty much a one-and-out, unless you count a bunch of direct-to-video releases.

    Come to think of it, "Breakfast Club" is problematic as well... And don't get us started on "Clueless"!

    Verdict: Barely a Jew.

    February 25, 2022

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