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    Hailey Kops

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    June 1, 2002 —

    Among Judaism's many oft-debated rules is exactly what is and what isn't allowed on Shabbat. Leave it to Jews to create laws and then spend centuries figuring out how to interpret them as the world changes. (Also, find insane loopholes, like automatic elevators or the ridiculous wire-based system known as the eruv. We highly recommend Michael Chabon's "The Yiddish Policemen's Union" for details.)

    Sports are also up for debate. For example, some frown on athletic activities that use balls; some are okay with them. (But then, what about hockey? Is a puck a ball? What about badminton? You see, this can go on forever.) The general agreement is: physical activity is alright if it's done for fun, but not for any other reason, which includes health. So if you jog in the morning because you enjoy it, great. But if you are doing it to lose weight, bad! Skip Saturdays, please!

    Which brings us to figure skater Hailey Kops, who will partner Evgeni Krasnopolski at the 2022 Olympics. Kops will compete for Israel, but she is an American Jew, born in New York City and raised in West Orange, New Jersey. Kops is Orthodox, making her an anomaly among Olympic athletes. She also skates on Shabbat... making her an anomaly among Orthodox Jews.

    Well, no balls are involved, so it's okay? Maybe?...

    Verdict: Jew.

    February 7, 2022

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