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    Zsuzsa Kormoczy

    Jew Score:



    August 25, 1924 – September 16, 2006

    Our recent profile of Sofia Kenin originally had a mistake, claiming that Kenin was the second Jewish woman (after Helen Jacobs) to win a Grand Slam tournament. That has since been corrected; we forgot about Zsuzsa.

    That would be Zsuzsa Kormoczy (also known as Suzy; somewhat easier to spell), a Hungarian Jew who won the French Open in 1958. We can be forgiven, we hope; after all, Zsuzsa is rather obscure, even for a tennis champion. However, she is the only Jew, regardless of gender, to win the French.

    To avoid further mistakes, here is the complete list of Jews to win individual Grand Slam titles (there is a bunch more in doubles, but, honestly, no one cares about doubles).

    Helen Jacobs 1 4
    Sofia Kenin 1
    Zsuzsa Kormoczy 1
    Brian Teacher 1
    Dick Savitt 1 1

    Alas, we decided to omit Vic Seixas, who has Jewish ancestry, but was raised Christian, and Pete Sampras, who's only a quarter Jewish (but boy, would he pad these numbers!).

    Verdict: Jew.

    July 16, 2021

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