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    Stephen Wolfram

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    August 29, 1959 —

    Google is great at answering questions, don't get us wrong, but the dirty secret is that it's not always right; its algorithms can be gamed. Even when not done purposefully, they are sometimes off. Heck, a few years ago we wrote a whole profile about how Google couldn't identify Barney Sedram as the shortest player in the Basketball Hall of Fame. (It's since been corrected, yay!)

    So for the times you can't afford to be wrong, there is WolframAlpha. It's not a search engine per se, but rather an "answer engine" that uses curated data to make sure you get just the facts. It's named after its founding company Wolfram Research, which is turn is named after Stephen Wolfram, the brilliant mathematician who came up with the Wolfram Language, on which the engine runs.

    Alas, WolframAlpha is also not perfect. While it will answer your scientific, historic, and especially mathematical questions with perfect precision, it's not exactly up to speed on your run-of-the-mill queries. For example, it can't tell you if Stephen Wolfram is Jewish...

    For that, you need to go to JewOrNotJew.com!

    Verdict: Jew.

    March 19, 2021

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