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    Barney Sedran

    Jew Score:



    (Barney Sedransky)
    January 28, 1891 – January 14, 1969

    You are wrong, Google. Very, very wrong.

    Search for "shortest player in the basketball hall of fame", and Google is ready to answer:

    Wrong! The real answer is Barney Sedran, and it's a real shame that Google hasn't heard of him.

    Apparently, Google is interpolating the lift of shortest NBA players to find the shortest hall of famer, but that is clearly not correct. The start of Sedran's career preceded the NBA by four decades. Arguably the best player of the 1910s, he made up one half of the "Heavenly Twins" with fellow Jew Marty Friedman (no, not the Megadeath front man). Sedran won championships wherever he went, and the New York Whirlwinds team that he and Friedman headlined is considered by some to be the strongest team of basketball's early era.

    So, clearly, Sedran is a worthy member of his sport's Hall of Fame. His height? A mere 5'4".

    You better correct that search result, Google.

    Verdict: Jew.

    March 20, 2014

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