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    Andre the Giant

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    (Andre Rene Roussimoff)
    May 19, 1946 – January 27, 1993

    On the surface, Wikipedia seems innocuous, with its plethora of supposed facts, references, and neatly-organized info boxes. But that is just what most see.

    Beneath the covers, editors rage, spew hate, revert, and argue, often for years. Some debates are understandable: for example, how do you present the Middle East conflict from a neutral point of view? Other arguments are often rather petty.

    Take beloved wrestler and "Princess Bride" star Andre the Giant. He is the subject of numerous Wikipedia editor debates, some more civil than others.

    #1: How tall was Andre the Giant? This one doesn't end, as he has been listed anywhere between 6'10" to 7'5".

    #2: Could Andre the Giant be listed as Bulgarian or Polish? Probably not, since only his parents were; he was born in France.

    #3: Where exactly in France was Andre the Giant born? Grenoble? Molien? It seemed to have settled on Coulommiers.

    #4: Was Andre the Giant Jewish? Uh... Let us answer this one: No.

    #5: Was Andre the Giant really a giant? Let's just leave this one open.

    Verdict: Sadly, Not a Jew.

    February 5, 2021

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