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    Miracle Max

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    We're big fans of "The Princess Bride" film here at JONJ. The movie's got everything: swordfighting, Fred Savage, giants, and even wheelbarrows. But does it have Jews?

    To an untrained eye, yes. The magician (apothecary? wizard? doctor? miracle man?) Miracle Max looks and acts totally Jewish. Even bickering with his wife can't help but remind us of our own grandparents...

    But not so fast. Sure, Miracle Max looks and acts Jewish, but how much of that was put into the character by the actor, Billy Crystal, and how much was it by the writer, William Goldman (or is it S. Morgenstern? It's hard to tell.) It's important questions like those that keep us awake at night here at JONJ. We just had to find out.

    So after plowing through the first 250 pages of the book, getting through all those goyim characters (mental note: that S. Morgenstern, whoever he is, just might be Jewish. We should look into that), we got to Miracle Max. And then, plainly, on page 293, it says, in Goldman's aside (we love asides here at JONJ): "my editor felt the Miracle Max section was too Jewish in sound". Goldman also hints that Max and his wife were based on S. Morgenstern's (or is it his own?) parents...

    So it's pretty clear that we got our Jew here. Now, what other marginal fictional character should we research next?

    Verdict: Jew.

    May 12, 2008

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