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    Judas of Galilee

    Jew Score:



    (1st century BCE/CE)

    Stop us if you heard this one:

    2000 years ago, a Jewish leader arises in Palestine. He doesn't like the way things are run. The Romans are getting too oppressive. The Pharaisees are a tad too orthodox. So he rebels against the Roman leadership, and also starts his own sect of Judaism to oppose the Pharaisees. It doesn't end well, of course; the Romans kill him. Some believe he is the messiah!

    We're talking about Judas of Galilee, of course. You were expecting someone else?

    We're not sure about that other guy, but Judas of Galilee was a real leader who led a revolt around against the Romans around 6 CE. He did break away with his own sect. His death is murky, but the messianic stuff is there.

    Did we say Judas of Galilee? What about Simon of Peraea? He was a former slave who led a rebellion against Herod at 4 BCE. Killed, considered by some to be the messiah.

    Did we say Simon of Peraea? What about Theudas (of... something)? Another Jewish rebel, killed in 46 CE, another potential messiah...

    Did we say Theudas?

    We think you get the point.

    Verdict: Jew.

    September 16, 2020

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