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    Doctor Robotnik

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    (Dr. Eggman)

    With Sonic the Hedgehog racing through movie theaters (now with smaller teeth!?), a question has bubbled up in our mailbox. Is the evil Dr. Robotnik, played in the film by Jim Carrey, Jewish?

    The evidence seems flimsy at best. The nose is large, but not stereotypically Jewish, and the marvelous mustache exists sans a beard. The -nik suffix does suggest Eastern European overtures, but this is where things get murky. Apparently, Dr. Robotnik is also known as Dr. Eggman. Speaking of potentially Jewish suffixes...

    The discrepancy comes from the the franchise's early days, when the Internet wasn't so quick to catch on to inconsistencies. Called Dr. Robotnik in America, he was Dr. Eggman in the Japanese original. The situation has been cleared up since: his canonical name is Doctor Ivo Robotnik, with "Eggman" being his nickname due to his shape. Glad that's all been taken care of.

    With no clear evidence one way or another, we have to recall the Gargamel Law and proclaim Dr. Robotnik to be Not a Jew.

    He has a 300 IQ? We might have to rethink that verdict...

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    February 19, 2020

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