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    Jonathan Taylor Thomas

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    (Jonathan Taylor Weiss)
    September 8, 1981 —

    As part of JONJ's continued dedication to our long history and the Jewish community, we occasionally reprint profiles from our historical archives. Today we present a 1994 exchange from an early newsgroup, alt.culture.jew.or.not.jew.

    t001t!m3: Hey Jews -- I know you are watching Seinfeld, but you really should check out Home Improvement on ABC, its atop notch show from Tim Allen. Funny guy!

    Kramer#1Fan: Why would I watch Home Imrpovement? It's terrible!!!! Seinfeld is funny :-)

    t001t!m3: Seinfield sucks, there are to many jews on it.

    Kramer#1Fan: there are no Jews on Home Imrpovement at all!

    t001t!m3: I heard Jonathan Taylor Thomas is a Jew. His real name is Weiss.

    Kramer#1Fan: Who the hell is Jonathn Taylor Thmas?

    t001t!m3: Hes a kid on Home Improvement. Gonna eb a big star!!! :"> :"> :">

    Kramer#1Fan: never heard of him :-(

    t001t!m3: Ever heard of Lion King?

    Kramer#1Fan: Hell yeah it's awesome!!!!

    t001t!m3: JTT is in it. Hes Simba.

    Kramer#1Fan: Lion King is a cartoon, DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!!

    t001t!m3: Who are you calling dumass? Of course its a cartoon, are you retarded????????

    Kramer#1Fan: GO ---> FUCK ------> YOURSELF!!!!!11!!!1!!!!

    25 years later, "Home Improvement" is a minor footnote, Jonathan Taylor Thomas has disappeared into obscurity, "The Lion King" is no longer just a cartoon, and the Internet has become a world-wide hub where all opinions are welcome.

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    November 22, 2019

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