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    Ivan Rasputin

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    (Hyman Fishman)
    June 3, 1912 – September 25, 1976

    We don't watch professional wrestling, so can someone tell us: are Russians back to being bad guys? After the Soviet Union fell, we assume there was a thawing. Now, with Putin lording over Eurasia, perhaps it's back to status quo...

    Nikolay Volkoff is probably the best-known supposedly-Russian wrestler (real name: Josip Peruzovic; Croatian, not Russian), but his reign in the 80s was preceded by numerous others. Perhaps the first was Ivan Rasputin, who started wrestling in the 1930s and spent over 20 years in the ring.

    Rasputin wasn't Russian either: his real name was Hyman Fishman. His Jewish parents got out of pre-Soviet Russia to escape antisemitism... so we wonder how they took his heel turn.

    Rasputin was also nicknamed "the human hair brush" because of... well, his body hair. However, we're willing to bet his parents preferred that to "Ivan Rasputin".

    Verdict: Jew.

    February 20, 2019

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