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    Daffy Duck

    Jew Score:




    We nixed talking bears with the Berenstains. So how about talking ducks?

    Well, Daffy wasn't created by a Jew (Bob Clampett drew his first appearance), but he was voiced by one: the venerable Mel Blanc. But more importantly there's this:

    "Blanc... played Daffy as if he were a Jewish comic, while playing Sylvester as if he were Gentile."

    As Daffy might say: a-HA! Now ordinarily, one quote and a Jewish voice actor don't really amount to much. But the truth is we really like Daffy. And the idea of him as a hard working Jew surrounded by more popular characters like idiot treif Porky and gloryhound goyishe Bugs is kind of attractive to us. Daffy takes all the punishment in the world, but comes out on top thanks to hard work and guile. Who could be a better role model?

    What's that? Just because we like him doesn't make him Jewish? And it doesn't matter anyway because Daffy's not Jewish, he's black?


    Verdict: Borderline Jew.

    June 27, 2008

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