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    Eli Cohen

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    December 26, 1924 – May 18, 1965

    You might know Sacha Baron Cohen as Ali G, or as Borat, or (unfortunately) as Bruno. Currently, the multifaceted performer has a new project he is working on (and we don't mean his Showtime series). We're not so sure this one is gonna be that funny.

    In an internationally produced television series that will soon be available on Netflix, Sacha stars as another Cohen — Eli... Israel's most famous spy.

    In order to build him a backstory, Mossad sent Cohen to Argentina under the name of Kamel Amin Thaabet. From there, he came back to his supposed origins: Syria.

    As millionaire Thaabet, Cohen ingrained himself in Syrian society, making friends with government and army elites. He was a frequent guest of the president and even rose to the rank of colonel in Syria's security forces. By some accounts, he was third in line for the presidency. And all the time, he was spying for Israel, giving his real countrymen first-hand information from the enemy next door. Israel's swift victory in the Six Days War? A lot of the credit goes to the information provided by Cohen.

    Alas, it didn't last. Thanks to new technology given to the Syrians by the Russians (not the last time those two collaborated), Cohen was caught while transmitting information to the Israelis. He was hanged soon after.

    As sad as that story ended, we can't wait for the other Cohen's take on it...

    Verdict: Jew.

    August 15, 2018

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