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    Let's talk about Moses' Black wife. They skip over that part at Passover Seder, don't they?

    Back when Moses lived with the Egyptians, he apparently led a campaign against the Ethiopians. Tharbis, the Ethiopian princess, fell in love, and offered up her city if Moses would marry her. He thought that was an easy way to end the siege (how pragmatic), and the two got hitched.

    War turned into a major marital conflict: Moses wanted to go back to Egypt, and Tharbis to stay in Ethiopia. So he, being an all-powerful scientist(?), cast a ring that made her forgetful. She forgot that she loved him, and he moved back to Egypt. (Let's just say the two grew apart. It happens in marriage.)

    Moses went off and married wife #2, Zipporah, asked to let his people go, you know how the story goes. Well, up to the point in the desert when he discovered that wife #1 was actually tagging along with the Jews, with two children — his children — in tow! Aaron (never liked him) and Miriam criticized Moses for having a Black wife, for which G-d struck Miriam (but not Aaron!) with leprosy. (Quick-healing leprosy; it only lasted seven days.)

    The annals don't tell us what happened after, but we imagine a very tense meeting between Tharbis and Zipporah. Lots of eye rolls, that's for sure. Talk about an uncomfortable Seder...

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    April 4, 2018

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