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    Sidney Gottlieb

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    (Joseph Scheider)
    August 3, 1918 – March 7, 1999

    As head of MKUltra, Sidney Gottlieb was involved in a bunch of shady things. Mind control was one.

    MKUltra was a CIA project that used drugs and "procedures" (hypnosis, isolation, sensory deprivation) in order to achieve... well, mind control. It started in the 1950s.

    Gottlieb's influence went beyond mind control. He was also an expert in planning assassinations. His favorite target? Fidel Castro.

    Among Gottlieb's ideas were: spraying Castro's TV studio with LSD, using poisonous pens and cigars, exploding conch shells(???), and (our favorite) spraying Castro's shoes with thallium to get his beard to fall out.

    Obviously, none of those came to fruition. Mind control didn't exactly work out either, and the CIA shelved MKUltra in the 1970s. (They shelved it, right?)

    Which leaves us with one question. Why did Joseph Scheider become "Sidney Gottlieb"? Talk about shady...

    Verdict: Jew.

    September 11, 2017

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