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    Arthur Galston

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    April 21, 1920 – June 15, 2008

    You are a botanist. You are trying to figure out how to make soy grow faster. Who doesn't like soy?

    So you conduct research and discover an acid that will speed up the flowering and fruiting of soy. Terrific! Soy for everyone!

    However, there is one unfortunate side effect. Too much of that acid, and soy dies. Need to be careful! Save the soy!

    Other scientists get a hold of your discovery and try to find different applications for it. Sadly, they don't want more soy. They realize that more of that acid kills more than just soy. Your discovery is turned into... Agent Orange.

    As Agent Orange sweeps through southeast Asia, it doesn't just kill crops. Its effects on people are terrifying. You are not exactly a fan. Soy is no longer your top priority.

    You start lobbying scientists and the government to stop using your invention. It takes a while, but they comply. Good job by you...

    All you wanted was more soy...

    Verdict: Jew.

    November 30, 2016

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