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    Damian Lewis

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    February 11, 1971 —

    We were watching "Homeland"...

    Not this again, Jew or Not Jew!

    Not what?

    Come on, it's clear what you're doing. You're talking about some TV show you were watching...

    Well, duh.

    And then you're gonna nitpick at it...

    We're known to do that.

    And then you'll end up saying "Ha! Look! So-and-so is Jewish!" You consider this a profile?

    Not exactly...

    You actually thought someone woke up this morning, went to Jew or Not Jew, and thought, oh boy! Let me hear their thoughts about "Homeland"!


    Well what? "Homeland" is a terrific show!

    We never said it wasn't... In fact, we quite like it, especially the first two seasons...

    Oh, but the seasons that follow don't do it for you? You're getting predictable, Jew or Not Jew!

    Cut us some slack, will you? Clearly, from season 3 on, it went off the rails... kinda like Carrie off her meds...

    Enough! Just end this already!

    Damian Lewis is 1/16 Jewish!

    Whoa! That's a surprise!

    Verdict: Barely a Jew.

    January 2, 2017

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