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    F. Murray Abraham

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    October 24, 1939 —

    We gotta admit it, at first this profile was gonna be pretty snarky. We love being snarky toward the goyim, don't we?

    So, in discussing F. Murray Abraham, we were first gonna make fun of his curious choice for a pseudonym. (Why the F.???) Then we're gonna downplay his Best Actor Oscar (how can one win that for what clearly is a supporting role)? And then... then we saw the following quote:

    "I must have a Jewish soul."

    You see, Abraham has played a lot of Jewish characters: Shylock, Barabas, even Roy Cohn in "Angels in America". So when asked about people thinking him being Jewish, he said the above.

    And our cold, cold, snarky Jewish hearts just melted.

    But, seriously, his real name is Murray Abraham — WHAT THE F. IS WITH THE F.???

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    February 7, 2013

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