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    Angela Merkel

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    July 17, 1954 —

    Dear Germany,

    It's about time we had a talk. We need to discuss a couple of things.

    You know, we thought that things were getting better between us. It's been seventy years, give or take. Multiple generations have passed. Sure, we will never forget, but should the Germans of today pay for the mistakes of their forefathers?

    And then, Germany, you had to go and republish "Mein Kampf". Yeah, we know, the copyright expired, and yeah, freedom of press, yadda yadda. "Mein Kampf", Germany? Really? We will never forget, but did you already?

    And what are all these absurdities you're spreading about Angela Merkel? Do you really think fabricating Jewish rumors about your leader is the way to go? Now, we know, it's not all of Germany that is spreading these lies. But give it a rest, OK?

    We'll get back to you in some time, Germany. Let's see where you are then...

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    April 29, 2016

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