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    James Remar

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    December 31, 1953 —

    We found ourselves with nothing to do for a couple of evenings in a row. Why don't we watch one of those critically-acclaimed TV shows, we thought. Pretty much the whole library of television is at our fingertips. We can watch something we missed over the last decade.

    So we decided on "Dexter". You know, the show about the serial killer who kills other killers. We know people who watched it. They seemed to enjoy it. It was critically acclaimed. Michael C. Hall was pretty good on "Six Feet Under". So, "Dexter" it is!

    We watched Season 1, taking an episode or two at night. So far, so good. Season 2 followed. That started strong, we didn't really like the direction it went to, but still solid. On to Season 3: this is getting repetitive... Let's kick up up a notch, we'll do three episodes a night, need to get through it. Season 4: ugh, this is just lame... How many seasons are there? Eight? How many episodes? 96? Why are we doing this to ourselves?

    Well, somehow we got through it all. (Season 5 is bad, 6 is terrible, 7 is surprisingly passable, and we were exhausted by 8.) Two notes: in his two major roles, "Six Feet" and this, Hall talks to his ghost dad. And, ghost dad Harry is played by Jewish actor, "Hey, it's THAT guy!" alum James Remar.

    So, 96 episodes down, "Dexter" is done, for better of for worse. But now, we find ourselves with nothing to do...

    Verdict: Borderline Jew.

    January 8, 2016

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