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    Lewis Charles Levin

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    November 10, 1808 – March 14, 1860

    Lewis Charles Levin was a social activist in the mid-1800s. He felt very, very strongly about one point.

    He really, really hated Catholics.

    We're not exactly sure why, but Levin despised them with a passion. He tried to get his followers to burn down churches. He started anti-Catholic riots that left many injured or dead. He was fucking nuts.

    Levin was so nuts that he ended his days in an insane asylum. But this is not before becoming...

    The first Jewish congressman in American history. (Technically, David Levy Yulee can lay claim to that title, but he represented Florida before it became a state. Let's not split hairs.)

    Yep. As a member of the Native American party, Levin ran a platform against all foreign (read: Catholic) influence. Pennsylvania's populace gladly elected him.

    We'd like to think that America's electorate has improved over the last 200 years, but...

    We don't feel too strongly about that.

    Verdict: Sadly, a Jew.

    September 23, 2015

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