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    Abraham Myers

    Jew Score:



    May 14, 1811 – June 20, 1889

    This one is gonna be tough. Take a look at the map of the United States. Can you spot any Jews?

    Let us explain.

    America is chock-full of places named after people. From Washington and Lincoln to Austin and Houston to Fargo and Juneau... So, yeah, can you spot any Jews?

    Let us help you out, for there are but a few. As far as we can tell, the largest American city named for a Jew is Fort Myers... ironically, one of the less-Jewy cities in the rather Jewy state of Florida.

    So who is it named after? Abraham Myers, who was a colonel in the Confederate Army. The city, originally named Fort Harvie, was renamed to honor Myers' wedding to the daughter of Major General David Twiggs. Hooray for Confederate nepotism!

    Now, take a look at the map of the world... This one is gonna be even tougher.

    Verdict: Jew.

    May 27, 2013

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