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    Joshua Lederberg

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    May 23, 1925 – February 2, 2008

    A number of times, we mentioned our continuous search for places on Earth named after Jews. But why stop there? On Earth, that is. Why not look at Mars!

    There are hundreds of thousands of craters on Mars. Those with the diameter greater than 60 km get to be named after scientists and science fiction authors. You would think that would give Mars a lot of Jewish-named craters, but we only counted a few. Asimov and Sagan are a couple of obvious ones. And then there is Lederberg.

    The crater is named after Joshua Lederberg, one of the youngest Nobel laureates ever. He won the Prize in Medicine at the age of 33, for discovering that bacteria mate. Later in life, his contributions went beyond the study of miniature sexy intercourse. Lederberg also researched artificial intelligence, delving into the possibility of life on Mars. Quite a multifaceted career here.

    So how do we get more Jewish-named craters? Two ways: you can pay as little as $5 to name your own (alas, that will not be recognized by the International Astronomical Union), or start flooding your favorite Mars researcher's inbox with names of Jews. You can use our Scientists category as a handy guide!

    Verdict: Jew.

    February 4, 2015

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