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    During one of our ventures nto Hebrew school, we asked the rabbi about Lilith. You see, we read every line of Genesis, hoping to find that primordial succubus, but could not locate any references.

    "Good question," the rabbi said. "Maybe you should return to school next week, we can discuss it then."

    Thankfully, we no longer need to rely on the rabbi's incomplete responses. You see, Lilith doesn't exactly exist in the Bible. She first appears in the Talmud, and her current status as Alpha Woman was developed later on.

    You probably know the story: G-d first created Lilith to partner Adam, but she didn't want to put out. So the Almighty One whacked her, replacing with the more subservient Eve. Adam rejoiced.

    Today, Lilith is seen as a feminist symbol, but it clearly wasn't the intention of those old school Jews. Of course, we can't exactly claim Lilith herself as Jewish; if anything, she is a Jewish concept, but that is not exactly part of our verdict matrix.

    No, we didn't come back to Hebrew school the following week. The rabbi was probably disappointed... Perhaps he should have been more forthcoming with the answers!

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    November 24, 2014

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