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    Carol Leifer

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    July 27, 1956 —

    We always thought that Seinfeld's Elaine Benes was based on Jewish comedienne Carol Leifer, but apparently that's not exactly the case. Well, it's partly the case.

    Elaine is based on a number of people, including Leifer. Carol did date Jerry Seinfeld, and just like Jerry and Elaine on the show, the two did stay friends after breaking up. Leifer even worked on the series, penning a number of episodes.

    But Elaine is also based on Julia Louis-Dreyfus herself, as well as a few other women. Those include an ex-girlfriend of Larry David, and yet another one of Seinfeld's. Clearly, those two didn't know how to let go.

    If anything, it's George Costanza's fatally fated fiance Susan that is based on Leifer. On the show, after dating George, Susan decided that she's had it with men and become a lesbian. In real life, Leifer, whose real-life relationships included not only Seinfeld, but also Paul Reiser and Bill Maher, came out as a lesbian as well.

    While we at JONJ strongly believe in the genetic origins of homosexuality and would never suggest that anyone might be "turned" gay by someone or something, well... perhaps the question is more, which boyfriend made Leifer realize her sexuality?

    We don't have any inside info or anything, but given the chance, we're betting it was Maher. Y'know, just sayin'...

    Verdict: Jew.

    August 11, 2014

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