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    Eva Braun

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    February 6, 1912 – April 30, 1945

    Recently, a hair taken off a brush that supposedly belonged to Eva Braun was determined to potentially have Jewish DNA. Of course, there is no guarantee that the hair actually belonged to Braun. We wonder...

    Helga: This is the best slumber party ever! Thanks for inviting me!

    Eva: Best friends forever!

    Helga: You want to play... truth or dare?

    Eva: Do I?! I go first! Truth or dare?

    Helga: Ummmmm... Truth!

    Eva: Tell me something about yourself that you haven't told anyone!

    Helga: Uhhh...

    Eva: Come on, Helga!

    Helga: You promise not to tell anyone?

    Eva: I promise!

    Helga: Pinky swear?

    Eva: Pinky swear!

    Helga: My great-great-great-grandfather was Jewish!

    Eva: NO!

    Helga: Yes!

    Eva: GET OUT!

    Helga: Remember, you promised not to tell anyone!

    Eva: I won't, I won't. Okay, you go.

    Helga: Truth or dare?

    Eva: Truth!

    Helga: What's Adi like in bed?

    Eva: Oh come on, you can't ask that!

    Helga: I just did!

    Eva: Not fair!

    Helga: You picked truth!

    Eva: Okay, fine. You see that clown suit and wig?

    Helga: Why do you have a clown suit?

    Eva: (whispers quietly)

    Helga: I can't hear you!

    Eva: IT'S ADI'S!

    Helga: No way!

    Eva: Yes way! He puts it on, and makes me wear this gestapo uniform...

    Helga: Adi... Your Adi?

    Eva: And then I take this poker and... (whispers into Helga's ear)

    Helga: HA HA HA HA! I would have never guessed!

    Eva: I know, I know! Okay, I go again! Truth or dare?

    Helga: Truth! No, wait, dare!

    Eva: See this hairbrush? I want you to take it and stick it... (whispers into Helga's ear)

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    May 8, 2014

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