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    Wilhelm Weinberg

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    December 25, 1862 – November 27, 1937

    In the summer of 1908, British mathematician G. H. Hardy (Not a Jew) published a paper about genetics. In it, he mathematically proved the concept of genetic equilibrium: through time, genotype frequencies in a population are constant. One of the key principles of genetics, it became known as Hardy's Law.

    One small problem: earlier that year, German doctor Wilhelm Weinberg (Jew) proved exactly the same concept.

    You probably know where we're going here: antisemitism! What else is there to blame when a Jewish discovery is attributed to a goy?

    Well, you would be wrong. It's not antisemitism, but rather anglocentrism. Supposedly, Weinberg was ignored not because of his Jewishness, but because of his Germanness. Go figure.

    In any case, justice was restored, and Hardy's Law is now known as the Hardy-Weinberg Principle. Although, if you ask us, since Weinberg thought of it first, shouldn't it be the Weinberg-Hardy Principle?


    Verdict: Jew.

    April 7, 2014

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