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    Jakob Silfverberg

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    October 13, 1990 —

    As we've explained multiple times, the -berg suffix is not necessarily Jewish. It can be German, Norwegian, Swedish...

    Yet that hasn't stopped countless inquiries about various -bergs. We'll, with one exception.

    There are numerous -bergs that play hockey. Most of them are Swedish: Peter Forsberg and Henrik Zetterberg, for instance. None of those -bergs have been queried on our website. It looks like the improbability of hockey Jews is overpowering. Well, with one exception.

    Jakob Silfverberg, yes, Swedish, but with a name that seems to scream Jewish. Heck, anglicize it a bit, and it turns into Jacob Silverberg, who seems more likely to light Hanukkah candles than the light behind the hockey net. So Silfverberg inquiries are rather frequent.

    But, no, not a Jew. Look at him! That's quite possibly the most goyishe-looking person ever.

    Mark Wahlberg? We explained that one already!

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    February 19, 2014

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