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    Sophie Marceau

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    (Sophie Daniele Sylvie Maupu)
    November 17, 1966 —

    Marcel Marceau, Frenchman, was the greatest mime of all time. We already discussed that in his profile. And, yes, he was Jewish.

    Marcel Marceau, Frenchman, mime, Jew, was a lover of women. There are three wives on record, as well as numerous girlfriends.

    Marcel Marceau, Frenchman, mime, lover of women, Jew, fathered four children: sons Michel and Baptiste, and daughters Camille and Aurelia.

    Marcel Marceau, mime, Frenchman, lover of women, father of four, Jew, never fathered the actress Sophie Marceau. Don't believe what you read elsewhere on the Internet; Sophie's surname at birth was actually Maupu.

    So, Sophie Marceau, actress, Frenchwoman, lover of men, mother of two, is not a Jew. Unless she somehow was the product of Marcel's extramarital affairs and adopted her real father's name?

    This is how ridiculous rumors get started!

    Verdict: Sadly, Not a Jew.

    October 31, 2013

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