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    Robert Carradine

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    March 24, 1954 —

    We were watching the reality show, "King of the Nerds" (please don't judge us), needlessly co-hosted by Robert Carradine (please don't judge him). And all we could think of was the experiment that tested the social behavior of rats.

    In the experiment, rats were broken up into groups. In each group, a dominant rat and a derelict rat emerged. Then, the dominants were grouped together, as were the derelicts. Each new group would then sub-divide as well, in exactly the same fashion: even in a group of outcasts a clear hierarchy was quickly formed.

    So, yes, "King of the Nerds" gives us exactly that. Stick a bunch of nerds in a house, and what do you see? Supposed real-life outcasts quickly form layers of dominance, with their own alphas and their own derelicts... Quite different from Carradine's "Revenge of the Nerds", isn't it? There, all the nerds were such good friends...

    And then we started thinking, isn't the above true of all society? Or maybe we shouldn't draw conclusions based on clearly-staged reality shows? Maybe our time would be better spent trying to figure out if Carradine is Jewish?

    He is. Sort of. One eighth.

    Verdict: Barely a Jew.

    March 20, 2013

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