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    Elsa von Gutmann

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    January 6, 1875 – September 28, 1947

    Liechtenstein... The tiny principality sandwiched between Austria and Switzerland. Liechtenstein... The remaining echo of splintered German states. Liechtenstein... Home to 18 Jews. (Margin of error: of a Jew). Liechtenstein... Ever so close to having a Jewish prince.

    Liechtenstein... How?

    It all goes back to Prince Franz I, ruler of Liechtenstein from 1929 to 1938. (And yes, Liechtenstein is ruled by a prince. It's apparently not large enough to deserve a king.)

    So, as noted in so many fairy tales, princes like to get married, and Franz was not immune. However, his choice for a bride wasn't exactly traditional: Elsa von Gutmann, an Austrian... Jew.

    Oh, how the Jews of Liechtenstein must have rejoiced, as their numbers increased all the way to 19! Now, if only Elsa gave birth to a Jewish prince!

    Alas, Liechtenstein's Jewish royalty began and ended with Elsa. She and Franz didn't have any children. He abdicated in favor of his cousin, Franz Joseph, thwarting any chance for a royal line of Liechtensteinian (Liechtensteiny?) Jews.

    Too bad. So close to putting the "stein" in "Liechtenstein", weren't we?

    Verdict: Jew.

    February 28, 2013

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