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    Karl Landsteiner

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    June 14, 1868 – June 26, 1943

    Planning a vacation? Hashem knows you could probably use one. You're gonna want to go someplace far. Get away from it all. Don't want to spend too much money, though. And if it could be educational for the kids? So much the better, right?

    You're not going on a cruise ship after that whole Italian captain debacle. Disney is so expensive. And if you suggest Cooperstown, your wife will shoot you. Seriously, she's already bought the gun and showed it to you and everything.

    But have you thought about the Polio Hall of Fame? Now there's the kind of vacation a family remembers forever.

    All your favorites are there: Jakob Heine, the first to describe the disease. John Paul, extended our understanding of how the disease is spread. Franklin D. Roosevelt, famous guy who had the disease. Karl Landsteiner, Jewish-born discoverer of the actual virus (and later discovered the existence of blood types, allowing for transfusions). And, of course, the big ol' baddy himself, Jonas "BugStomper" Salk.

    (Not included? Hilary Koprowski, Jew, the man who actually invented the first vaccine. Cause what is that compared to "discovering that polio can spread to rats" like inductee Charles Armstrong?)

    Plus, the Polio Hall of Fame is located in Western Georgia, where there's lots of... well there's gotta be something right? Poverty, probably?

    Yes, it's tough to imagine a better getaway than the Polio Hall of Fame. The kids will pose with busts of their favorite scientists. The wife will love shopping at the Polio-themed Gift Shop. And you? You will be... THE MAN.

    Verdict: Barely a Jew.

    January 7, 2013

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