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    Paul Ehrlich

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    March 14, 1854 – August 20, 1915

    For a people so associated with money (for worse or for really really much worse), we Jews have so rarely ever been on money (except in Israel, which is kind of cheating). Seems like if we really loved the coin so much, our portraits would be all over the things. But no.

    It takes away a lot of the fun for us, really. In the US, a hundred dollars is a Benjamin (famed mimbo Ben Franklin winks at the ladies from the front of the bill). In Canada, a 1-dollar coin is called a Loonie for the bird on it's back. A 10 in England? A Darwin — Charlie is pictured on the note.

    But wouldn't you like to tell someone that a flight will cost 'em at least a couple of Einsteins? Or hear a rapper sing that it's "All About the Lipshitz?" And isn't that less embarrassing than having your specie named after some dumb bird?

    Well, we had our fun, at least once anyway, for landsman Paul Ehrlich appeared on the 200 Deutsche Mark Note (worth roughly $100 American).

    And what did he do to earn this prestigious honor? Oh, not much. The German Jew just produced a cure for syphilis (thus making vaginas safer for everyone's enjoyment, a Nobel-worthy act if ever there was one), invented chemotherapy and played a key part in the development of vaccines (Emil von Behring did his best to von screw Ehrlich out of any credit).

    So yeah, the least the Germans could do is put the man on their currency. Of course, that's all gone with the Euro. But there's still a street and a moon crater named for him. Congrats!

    Nowhere near as fun as laying 5 Ehrlichs to win 12 at the local sports book, but what can you do?

    Verdict: Jew.

    January 14, 2013

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