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    Rob Morrow

    Jew Score:



    September 21, 1962 —

    Casting director: "For this role, it just says... Jew."

    Producer: "Yes, we need someone Jewy. Not leading-man quality, but good second banana. TV experience is a plus."

    Casting director: "What about age?"

    Producer: "40s, maybe early 50s."

    Casting director: "Rob Schneider is always available..."

    Producer: "Come on, we don't want to scare the children!"

    Casting director: "What about Hank Azaria?"

    Producer: "Not bad, but I don't like his face. Kinda creepy."

    Casting director: "David Schwimmer?"

    Producer: "Schwimmer, Schwimmer... Way, way too Jewy."

    Casting director: "I thought you wanted Jewy."

    Producer: "There is Jewy and there is JEWY. Come on, I thought you have done this before."

    Casting director: "Jonathan Silverman..."

    Producer: "He is still alive?"

    Casting director: "Got it! Rob Morrow."

    Producer: "Are you sure he's Jewish?"

    Casting director: "Of course, he's Jewish. He always plays Jews too, Northern Exposure, Numbers..."

    Producer: "Well I'll be... Make the call!"

    Verdict: Jew.

    November 13, 2012

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