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    Judd Hirsch

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    March 15, 1935 —

    200 channels, and nothing on. There we sit, in front of the TV, clicking away, hoping against hope to find something of interest. Nope. How many shows about home decorating need to be on? Never enough, apparently.

    So what do we do? We turn to movies. Movies that we remember liking when we were younger. Movies that disappoint us time and again.

    Take "Independence Day". We remember watching in in the theater during our teenage years. It was fun. Not just fun... it was awesome. WELCOME TO EARTH! Punch.

    Watching it now, we can't help but groan. It's bloated, it's faux patriotic, it's... oh, let's face it, just stupid, with the biggest plot hole in movie history. And we're rather ashamed of our younger selves for liking it in the first place.

    One saving grace: when everyone starts praying and the Secretary of Defense tells Judd Hirsch's character "I'm not Jewish", the response is "Well, nobody's perfect". That line is still pure gold. The rest? Spare us.

    Maybe we should take up home decorating...

    Verdict: Jew.

    November 1, 2012

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