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    Csanad Szegedi

    Jew Score:



    September 22, 1982 —

    "You don't like gays? You're gonna have a gay son. You don't like Puerto Ricans? Your daughter's gonna come home with Livin' La Vida Loca!" — Chris Rock

    Chances are, you have no idea who Csanad Szegedi is. As it turns out, Csanad Szegedi has no idea who Csanad Szegedi is.

    Csanad Szegedi was a founding member of the Hungarian Guard, a group of Neo-Nazi zoom dweebies based in Hungary (duh), a member of the extra super right wing party Jobbik and a paid representative to the European Parliament in Brussels.

    Mostly, however, Csanad spent his time as a full on, card carrying, anti-semite, spreading hatred and bigotry against Jews whenever, wherever, however he could.

    Well guess what? Turns out this prize of humanity is Jewish. On his mother's side. Inarguably, indisputably, 100% Halachically Jewish. His grandmother survived Auschwitz, for Hashem's sake, which means that had the people Csanad so idolizes had succeeded, Csanad himself would not exist.

    When this was revealed, Csanad's Nazi cohorts responded the way any good Nazi would and kicked him out of the party, suddenly finding questionable financial issues with his work. Csanad himself is now in hiding, a victim of his own political beliefs.

    As for Csanad, himself? Well, he says he's still 100% Hungarian, natch, thus proving that no matter what you think his Jew Score ought to be, he's a perfect 15 on the idiot scale.

    But we didn't need this incident to prove that.

    (Editor's update, December 17, 2013: Apparently, he has now repented, and became an Orthodox Jew. He's still an idiot...)

    Verdict: Sadly, a Jew.

    September 27, 2012

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