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    Holy Ghost

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    Say what you want about Judaism, but at least we're a monotheistic religion. One G-d. No footnotes. No loopholes. Christianity? Not so much.

    We still remember our response when the Holy Trinity was first explained to us. We were astounded how fucked up this whole thing is. So G-d is Jesus' father, but they are also one and the same? How the hell is that possible? Who in their right mind came up with this crap? And then... who the devil is that?

    The Holy Ghost, that's who. Yeah, we just don't get it. The Holy Ghost is the supposed creator of the universe, but wouldn't that make him G-d? So why the duality? Or is he/she G-d's spiritual form? What the hell is that supposed to mean? And then he/she sometimes appears as a dove? So the Holy Spirit can take a material form, but that of fowl? Weirdness.

    And then there's that whole immaculate conception business. Supposedly, the Holy Ghost is the one that impregnated Jesus' mom. So G-d's spiritual form somehow descendent from Heaven and planted some Holy Spiritual Semen in Mary's...

    Sorry, Christians. It's all poppycock to us.

    Now here's a Holy Ghost we can all get behind!

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    January 18, 2012

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