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    Sandy Koufax

    Jew Score:



    (Sanford Braun)
    December 30, 1935 —

    Every time we hear from one of our readers (all four of them!) we get the following refrain, "Where's Sandy Koufax?" "Why haven't you posted Sandy Koufax?" "When are you going to do Sandy Koufax?"


    Like you really need us to to tell you that Sandy Koufax is Jewish. Maybe we should do Moses next — y'know, just in case.

    Seriously, it's Sandy Koufax! The closest thing to a Jewish messiah since Jesus! There isn't a young Jewish male out there that wasn't regaled to the tales of the great Koufax. Unhittable as a pitcher. Unimpeachable as a Jew (he didn't play on Yom Kippur, donchaknow). Does there even need to be a discussion?

    So, yes, Sandy Koufax is Jewish. Also, there is no Easter Bunny and US Grant was buried in Grant's tomb.

    Anything else?

    Verdict: Jew.

    July 16, 2007

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