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    Professor Layton

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    (Hershel Layton)

    Here's a stumper for you: Professor Layton of portable video game puzzle solving fame is a Japanese creation who lives in England (or at least a very English-storybook alternate reality). And yet, his name is Hershel.

    And Hershel isn't one of those Eastern European names that got mixed up at the shtetl like say, Max. Hershel comes right from the Hebrew (it means deer). Name one non-Jew named Hershel. OK, fine Herschel Walker. But besides that one?

    It's not just the name either. Our good Professor always covers his head (that big, suddenly sorta-Hasidic-looking top hat) and insists on the powers of the mind to solve all problems. That sounds pretty Jew-riffic to us.

    Then there's his recently reveled son. His name's Alphendi which, ok, doesn't mean anything to anyone (though the particularly desperate can see the pieces of an Aleph in there). But look at that punem! The nose, the hair, the holy Jew! Look, we're all about exploding stereotypes here and Jews can look like anything or anyone but, wow... stereotypes come into being for a reason, y'know?

    So, yeah, it doesn't take much of a mystery-solving mensch to figure this one out. Japanese, Englishman Jew? Makes a heck of a lot more sense than segmenting one large triangle into 35 smaller ones in order to open a drawbridge.

    Verdict: Borderline Jew.

    November 23, 2011

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