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    Jay Baruchel

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    April 9, 1982 —

    We've been recently watching "Undeclared", a short-lived series about college life created by the then-not-very-known Judd Apatow. It features many of Apatow staples: the still-somewhat-svelte Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, Jay Baruchel, and others.

    On many levels, Apatow hit the right note about college: the episode featuring the obsessive roommate really hit close to home. But this being a sitcom on a major network, he often painted with broader strokes than we would have liked.

    One episode that really bothered us was when the show's protagonist, Steven, played by Baruchel, finds Jesus.

    What bothered us most was not that Steven's newfound religion led to him rejecting his crush Lizzie. (Alright, that bothered us a lot. Lizzie basically climbed into his pants and he said "no". Yeah, not exactly realistic there, Apatow.) The bigger problem was that five minutes into the pilot episode, Steven declared that he is Jewish. (The oh-so-Jewy-looking Baruchel is a quarter Jewish, at least half Catholic, exposed to both religions, but now agnostic.)

    Now, thankfully, Steven abandoned Jesus by the end of the episode, so it all ended well. (For him and his Judaism. For him and Lizzie? We're guessing "she ends up rejecting him but he still has hope".) But it still left a sour taste in our mouth. A show created by Jews, starring Jews, couldn't it have an episode where the protagonist finds Judaism instead?

    No wonder it only lasted 17 episodes.

    Verdict: Borderline Jew.

    February 7, 2011

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