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    Luis de Torres

    Jew Score:



    (Yosef Ben Ha Levy Haivri)
    ? – 1493

    12th of October, 1492:
    Made landfall. I am not sure what language these natives are speaking, but it's definitely not Hebrew or Aramaic. Urdu, perhaps?

    15th of October, 1492:
    It's Sukkot. Went to the jungle to build a little tent. Old habits die hard.

    21st of October, 1942:
    I doubt that these are the Lost Tribes of Israel. Will keep mouth shut for now.

    27th of October, 1492:
    All this "convert the heavens" nonsense is getting on my nerves. I know I'm supposed to be a good Catholic now, but puh-lease.

    2nd of November, 1492:
    Rodrigo de Jerez and I are being sent inland. Columbus wants us to find the Great Khan. What a dope.

    3rd of November, 1492:
    The natives are friendly. The women are welcoming.

    7th of November, 1492:
    Rodrigo has spent the last four days inside the hut of the village elder. I tried to enter it, but it was filled with smoke. Started coughing and couldn't stop for hours. Decided to go back to the women.

    10th of November, 1492:
    The village elder carried Rodrigo out of the hut. His teeth are an unhealthy shade of brown.

    12th of November, 1492:
    Rodrigo came to this morning. He keeps telling me to try this "tobacco". I like my teeth bright yellow, thank you very much.

    13th of November, 1492:
    Heading back to the coast. Hopefully Columbus hasn't sailed. Yet... I kinda like this island. The women are welcoming, after all. If only I could get used to all the smoking.

    Luis de Torres, a marrano who took part in Columbus' first voyage, is said to be the first European to discover tobacco.

    Verdict: Borderline Jew.

    February 3, 2011

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