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    Judith Light

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    February 9, 1949 —

    A rich, blonde, single mother hires a young, virile, blue collar fellow to maintain her home and finds herself irresistibly attracted to him.

    The plot of the next racy "Desperate Housewives-esque" thriller on ABC? A soft-softcore "romance" broadcast on TNT late Saturdays? Nope, it was the 80s, so instead of something an intelligent adult could watch and enjoy, "hilarity" ensued.

    Crazy hijinks. Bizarre misunderstandings. Drawn-out, convoluted schemes. Thousands of people tuning in to answer that unanswerable question: Who's the Boss? Really? Couldn't we have called this show Who Gives a Damn?

    Were we really that afraid of sex in the 80s? Apparently. On the other hand, it was Judith Light and Tony Danza, so maybe this was self-preservation on our parts. Anyway, TV commentators we're not — though hard to notice sometimes, we know — and so we turn to the question at hand: Who's the Jew?

    Well that's an easy one: Judith Light (who, by the way, clearly was the boss, in case that question still irked you). She didn't play Jewish on the show, although her character certainly could have been. Has Light done other things since? Sure. She's even in the Broadway show Lombardi right now (which would be a musical if there were any justice in this world). Do we care about any of that stuff when her defining role was something so cheesy and embarrassing? Not even a little bit.

    Seriously, people who miss the 80s must never have had to live through them.

    Verdict: Jew.

    December 14, 2010

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