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    Andre Geim

    Jew Score:



    October 1, 1958 —

    "Ribbit! Larry! Hey, Larry!"

    "Ribbit. Oh, it's you, Steve."

    "Larry, I came to rescue you!"

    "Rescue me? From what?"

    "From... hey, what are you doing there?"

    "This? Oh, it's nothing."

    "Nothing? This doesn't look... natural, Larry."

    "It's called levitating, Steve."


    "You should try it. It's quite exhilarating."

    "Why I never!... Larry?"

    "Oh, sorry, Steve. Blacked out for a second there."

    "Come on, Larry, let's go."

    "Go where?"

    "Home! To the swamp!"

    "And leave this?"

    "This place is not good for a frog, Larry!"

    "What do you know about this place, Steve? Did you know that Dr. Geim gives me all the flies I can eat?"

    "All the flies you can eat?"

    "And you should try his grandmother's latkes recipe, Steve. Delish!"

    "Come on, Larry! Melanie and the tadpoles are waiting!"

    "Oh, Melanie... How is the old girl?"

    "Devastated, Larry! Devastated without you. Now come on, get down from there!"

    "I can't, Steve."

    "You can't?"

    "No, I can't. AND I WON'T! Dr. Geim and I are on the verge of a major breakthrough! We're gonna win the Nobel Prize, Steve!"

    "The Nobel what?"

    "I forgot that you're just a common frog. Like I was before Dr. Geim. Go, Steve. Go back to your life."


    "Go, Steve. Send Melanie my best."


    "What, Steve?"

    "Do you think I can try this... levitating... one day? Larry?"

    Verdict: Barely a Jew.

    November 23, 2010

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