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    Jon Stewart

    Jew Score:



    (Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz)
    November 28, 1962 —

    We're not breaking any ground by pointing out Jon Stewart is Jewish. We just wanted an excuse to write about him.

    Because let's be clear, if we jumped into the way-back machine and told you ten years ago that Stewart would be one of the most important voices in the news world, that the Daily Show would win an award for journalism, that Comedy Central was now considered a legitimate source for quality programming, you'd say, "No way I believe that about Comedy Central!"

    But after you got past that you'd probably also be surprised by Stewart. After all, Jon looked set for the Richard Jeni career path until Craig Kilborn jumped off the Daily Show in a desperate attempt to kill his own career. Now Stewart's probably the best known former stand-up since Jerry Seinfeld. With the possibility of finishing with an even more impressive resume.

    And that's what really gets our goat (for two zuzim, no less). It's entirely possible that this is merely the beginning and there are even greater things to come from Jon Stewart. He's funny, influential, apparently a real mensch, and even if he quit tomorrow he'd have made a huge mark on entertainment and the world it entertains.

    What more is there to say, really?

    Verdict: Jew.

    October 19, 2006

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